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Happy Chompers is proud to be one of the most technologically advanced pediatric dental offices in Katy, and this dedication to using the latest tools and techniques allows us to deliver high-quality care faster and more comfortably than ever. Whenever you come to see us, you can trust that your child is benefitting from the very best that modern-day dentistry has to offer, and their appointments will seem to fly by as a result.

Splints for TMD/Bruxism

Many teens can benefit from wearing a custom-made oral appliance in order to keep their teeth protected from unconscious grinding during sleep, but this approach can also address a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. This is a condition that’s characterized by chronic pain and stiffness in the jaw, and the right appliance can fix any problem and fully restore your child’s oral function just by wearing it to bed each night.

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Sleep Apnea Screening & Prevention

Sleep apnea is the second most common sleep disorder in the world, and it actually affects countless children as well as adults. It causes a child to temporarily stop breathing for short periods of time throughout the night, drastically lowering their sleep quality. This can make a child tired and lethargic, but it can also lead to symptoms that closely resemble ADHD. Our team can spot the signs of sleep apnea during your child’s checkups, and if we do, we can refer them to an ENT or sleep doctor so they can get a diagnosis and start treatment as quickly as possible, ensuring they consistently get the rest they need.

Intraoral Cameras

It’s difficult to clearly see inside even little mouths when we perform exams, but our intraoral camera helps us make sure that nothing gets past our team during your child’s routine checkups. This small, pen-sized device can capture highly detailed images of the teeth and gums we can display on a large monitor right in the treatment room. Not only does this help us catch cavities and other dental problems early, but these images will also allow you to gain a better understanding of your child’s unique dental needs.

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays are essential for monitoring your child’s oral development as their teeth come in, but they cause many parents to feel nervous because of the associated radiation. Digital X-rays quickly put this concern to rest. Not only do they create better images in less time compared to traditional film, but the process emits 90% LESS radiation as well. This will help you save both time and stress during your child’s regular appointments.

Soft Tissue Laser

If your child ever develops a soft tissue pathology or swelling, we can use our LightScalpel soft tissue laser to quickly and painlessly alleviate their disease. We also use this technology to perform frenectomies to treat tongue-ties and lip-ties in children of all ages.

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