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How Special Needs Patients Can Benefit From Sedation

child in wheel chair smiling

Are you looking for a dental practice that offers dentistry for special needs patients in Katy? Finding a trusted professional who understands the challenges that can come with children who exhibit behavioral, physical, and mental disabilities can be a struggle. Fortunately, many pediatric dentists have the training and experience to provide personalized attention as well as […]

What is the Blue Pumpkin Halloween Project?

blue halloween bucket hanging on fence of park

If you have kids, there is a good chance they’re excited about the festivities associated with Halloween. With elaborate costumes and endless hours of trick-or-treating, you may be trying to figure out how to minimize their sugar intake this time of year. If you’re excited about seeing all the ghosts, goblins, witches, and beautiful princesses […]

General vs. Pediatric Dentist: Which One is Right For Your Child?

dentist and child giving a thumbs up

There’s so much information available to help parents determine which type of dentist their child should see. You know you want their teeth and gums to remain healthy throughout their life but knowing where you should take them for optimal oral healthcare isn’t always easy. From articles that strongly advocate for general dental professionals to […]

Are Tongue Ties Common in Children?

child smiling

Worried that your child’s tongue tie might cause worsening oral and overall health problems if you leave it untreated? While you might feel as if you’re the only parent dealing with this particular issue, the truth is that you’re not, and it is much more common than you might think. Tongue ties in children in Katy are […]

Is My Child Ready for an Electric Toothbrush?

boy brushing his teeth with electric toothbrush

There are so many toothbrushes for kids in Katy these days. Depending on your child’s age, it may be time to upgrade them to an electric toothbrush depending on how well they are taking care of their teeth each day. A pediatric dentist explains how you can tell if your child is ready and which type of […]

Does My Child Need a Root Canal?

smiling child

If you’re like most parents, the words “pulpectomy” and “pulpotomy” are foreign to you. As the clinical terms to explain a root canal for kids in Katy, pediatric dentists perform these unique procedures when a child experiences severe decay or damage that cannot be treated using other restorative solutions. While learning your child must undergo […]

Don’t Believe It! Debunking 3 Myths About Children’s Dentistry

child opening mouth for dental exam

It’s easy to fall victim to the endless number of opinions and “facts” that exist on the internet. Former patients and so-called “experts” can make it increasingly difficult for parents to find valuable and truthful information as it pertains to children’s oral health. This is why a local pediatric dentist is debunking 3 myths about […]

Why Are Mouthguards Recommended for Kids?

boy removing mouth gaurd

Does your child enjoying playing sports? Do you, as a parent, feel apprehensive and nervous that they will get hurt during practice or a game? You’re not alone. A published paper in the Sports Medicine journal stated that an estimated one-third of all sports-related injuries occur around the mouth and face. This can be a […]

3 Oral Hygiene Tips to Keep Young Smiles Healthy This Summer

two children smililng

When it comes to summer, your kids are probably spending more time outside riding their bikes or playing in the pool than they are inside taking care of their teeth and gums. As parents, it is necessary that you be proactive and encourage your children to adopt positive oral habits from an early age. If […]