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3 Reasons Regular Dental Visits Are Essential for Your Child’s Academic Success

AdobeStock 277897566 1631468381 76785 300x200 1Do you get excited when your child eagerly tells you they got an “A” on their math test? Do you notice they are enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn new and interesting material at school? If so, you can feel confident that your child is well on their way to achieving great academic success. While ample study time at home is important for good grades, so is helping them maintain optimal oral hygiene. To ensure they remain engaged while in the classroom, here are 3 reasons to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings with a children’s dentist in Katy.


Checkups Allow for Early Detection

Too much time spent outside of school to fix various oral health problems can lead to poor grades and academic performance because they’re missing valuable information. By choosing to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings for your child, you are giving their pediatric dentist in Katy the opportunity to check for early signs of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Addressing these problems before they worsen will not only prevent them from undergoing more serious treatments to repair and restore their smile, but it also keeps them in the classroom learning.

Visits Help to Set Children Up for Future Success

Many pediatric dentists recommend parents schedule dental checkups and cleanings before the start of the school year. Why? Not only is it an ideal time to take care of any potential problems while your child has no academic obligations, but it is a great way to send them back with a healthier, more vibrant smile. If your child needs a dental filling or crown or requires orthodontics, it is easier for everyone to arrange this type of treatment before schedules get too busy because of homework, extracurricular activities, and work. By getting your child the care they need before they start back to school, they can feel more confident and ready for what the new year brings.

Greater Confidence When Surrounded by Peers

Oral health problems don’t just negatively impact a child’s physical health. Tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and a misaligned bite can also hinder their ability to feel confident when surrounded by their peers. No matter their age, children want to be accepted by their friends, so when they feel embarrassed because they have decayed or damaged teeth, it can negatively impact their emotional and mental health. With regular visits to the pediatric dentist, however, your child can continue to embrace their healthy smile and spend time making new friends at school.

While it is believed that more than 51 million school hours are lost every year because of poor oral health, your child doesn’t have to miss one single minute. By working together with a dentist for kids in Katy, you can set your child up for academic success this year.

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Want a board-certified pediatric dentist who can provide the level of oral healthcare your child needs? Dr. Adeel Khan and his team at Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry are here to provide exceptional dental services to kids of all ages. With school starting in just a few weeks, it’s important that all kids return with a healthy, beautiful smile. If you want to minimize the chances of your little one missing school because of a serious toothache, visit our website or call (832) 789-8348 to learn more.