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Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry understands that making sure your kid is taking care of their dental health isn’t always easy. Their schedules are filling up at school between homework, sports, club activities and more. But no matter how busy life gets, their teeth and gums should receive the best possible care to prevent problems that would result in missed school days. This is why we are proud to offer kid’s dentistry in Katy. Our highly-skilled staff can detect and treat issues before they worsen and ensure your little one has a healthy, confident smile each and every day. To make an appointment with us today, contact our office. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!

Dental Checkups and Cleanings

It is recommended that your child see our dentist for kids, Dr. A, every six months for a regular dental checkup and cleaning. As your child’s smile continues to grow and develop, our expert staff will continuously look for signs of decay or disease as well as possible bite issues. Should any be detected, we will address it before it’s too late, ensuring your kid’s smile remains healthy, beautiful, and free from dental problems. Not to mention, we will remove harmful plaque and tartar, so they can feel refreshed when leaving our office.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, oral cancer knows no age, and although extremely rare, a a child can develop this disease. This is why your kid’s dentist in Katy will perform an oral cancer screening during their regular checkup, checking for any abnormalities that could signal a problem. Early detection is vital for this disease, so if we detect any irregular growths or sores, we will direct you and your child to a specialist for additional screening.

Dental Sealants

As your kid’s permanent, adult teeth continue to come in, it is important to keep those back molars protected from bacteria seeping into the pits and grooves of these teeth. Dr. A and his team can combat tooth decay and more thanks to dental sealants. These plastic coatings are painted onto the back teeth to create a barrier between your kid’s tooth enamel and any small particles that can result in decay or disease. The process is simple and painless and can be completed during a regular checkup.

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Fluoride Treatment

Even if your child is using fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth at home, it is often necessary to provide an added layer of protection to ensure dental caries do not develop, especially on teeth that are more prone to cavity development. During your child’s regular dental checkup, Dr. A can quickly apply a fluoride varnish to the surface of their teeth, ensuring they are better protected from tooth decay in addition to strengthening their tooth enamel.


Our team will be happy to create a customized nightguard or sportsguard for your little one’s smile. These oral devices are great for protecting your child’s teeth and soft tissues from additional harm that can be caused by sports-related activities or bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching). Whether you want your child to avoid excessive wear and tear on their tooth enamel or reduce their chances of having a tooth knocked out during a game of football, these comfortable, customized oral appliances can help.

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Space Maintainers

If your child loses one of their baby teeth too soon, it may be necessary for us to insert a space maintainer into the area to prevent their other teeth from shifting in an attempt to cover the space. This will allow their adult tooth to move into place without a problem, all while preventing a shift in their bite or crooked teeth from developing.

Pulp Therapy

When an infection reaches the innermost layer of a tooth, you can expect your kid to complain about serious pain. More serious than a traditional toothache, this type of problem will be treated using pulp therapy. Dr. A and his team will work to remove the infected pulp by going in through the top of the crown and cleaning out the area before sealing it up with a tooth-colored substance. In no time, your child’s pain will be gone, and their tooth saved from extraction.

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Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, a baby tooth needs a bit of help coming out so the adult tooth can effectively move in. While they should fall out on their own, other times, it’s necessary to perform a tooth extraction to move the process along. Should this be necessary for your little one, we will ensure their comfortability by providing sedation dentistry to keep them calm and at ease throughout the procedure. Using safe and effective techniques, Dr. A will carefully remove the tooth and provide you and your child with helpful tips for a faster recovery.

Metal-Free Fillings

Dental caries can be an unfortunate reality for many children, especially those who have difficulty keeping a normal oral hygiene routine. Should a cavity development that is caught early enough, your pediatric dentist in Katy can use a tooth-colored substance to fill the tooth once it has been thoroughly cleaned. This composite resin, which will be matched to your child’s tooth color, will blend in seamlessly while effectively sealing off the tooth to prevent further reinfection.

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Dental Crowns

If a tooth is severely damaged or decayed and a metal-free filling cannot suffice in fixing the problem, Dr. A may suggest a dental crown. Also known as a “cap,” this custom-made restoration will fit snugly over your child’s natural tooth to ensure it maintains its structural integrity and grows back stronger over time. He and his team will clean out the tooth, fill it with composite resin and file it down before taking impressions and sending them to a lab. After a few weeks, your child’s finalized crown will be put into place, blending in with the rest of their beautiful smile.

Lip & Tongue Tie

When a small band of tissue known as a lip or tongue tie keeps your child from having the full range of motion they need, it is time to consider a quick and easy procedure known as Frenuloplasties & Frenectomies. Using a soft tissue laser, Dr. A will safely remove the bands within minutes, giving your child a better range of motion when it comes to eating, speaking, smiling, and even breathing. There is minimal bleeding and no stitches required.

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