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Dentistry for Toddlers – Katy, TX

Using Compassionate Care for Growing Smiles

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When it comes to having toddlers in the house, you find yourself going from 0-100 in no time at all. From chasing them around the house in an attempt to put their shoes and socks on to quickly throwing your hair up into a ponytail while making sure they don’t slam their fingers in the door they keep opening and closing can be exhausting, to say the least. Try to throw in a normal oral hygiene routine and soon you’re breaking into a sweat and feeling as if you’ve just wrestled an alligator. This is why at Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry, we are pleased to offer dentistry for toddlers in Katy as a way to help you improve and maintain your little one’s smile. To find out more how we can care for your child’s teeth and gums, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dental Checkups and Cleanings

As your child’s teeth continue to come in, it is best if you keep their regular six-month dental checkup and cleaning appointments. This not only allows us to examine their smile to monitor its growth and development, but it also enables Dr. A to check for any problem areas that may be occurring. Also, your little one will leave with a healthier, refreshed smile after our dental hygienists carefully and gently remove any plaque and tartar build up from around their teeth and gums.

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Dental Sealants

Since a child’s manual dexterity is limited when it comes to oral hygiene, effectively cleaning their back molars can be difficult. Fortunately, Dr. A and his team offer dental sealants as a way to protect these teeth from possible decay. Molars have many pits and grooves, making it easy for food particles and bacteria to become trapped. To prevent this, we can apply a plastic sealant over the chewing surfaces, reducing the chances of anything penetrating their tooth enamel.

Fluoride Treatment

Want to add another layer of protection to your child’s teeth? At Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a fluoride treatment, which can be applied during your little one’s regular dental checkup & cleaning. This quick and easy treatment means applying a fluoride varnish to your child’s teeth to better protect against tooth decay as well as strengthen their tooth enamel. Within minutes, the varnish dries and is absorbed into each tooth.

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Non-Nutritive Habits

It is not uncommon to see a toddler sucking their thumb or even using a pacifier; however, if allowed to continue for too long, this can be problematic for the development of their teeth. These non-nutritive habits are ones in which Dr. A and his team can offer tips and suggestions on ways to curb and replace these behaviors with healthier, less damaging ones. You’ll never need to feel embarrassed when asking for help. We are here to not only answering your questions but make sure your child’s smile develops correctly as they transition into childhood and adolescence. 

Lip & Tongue Tie

Does your child have what is known as a lip or tongue tie? These small bands of oral tissue that connect to the mouth can create problems as your toddler continues to grow. From eating and speaking to smiling and breathing, if these bands remain in place, you might be facing everything from speech impediments to a possible need for orthodontics when they are older. Using the appropriate procedures and techniques, we can safely remove these bands in a matter of minutes with a soft tissue laser and give your child better oral function.

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Pulp Therapy

Cavities are a common occurrence among toddlers; however, when the infection goes beyond the outer layer and begins to affect the inside of the tooth (the pulp), this can lead to a painful experience. Should this happen to your child, Dr. A can employ the use of pulp therapy to quickly eliminate pain by removing the affected pulp and leaving all remaining tissue untouched. Not only will your little one feel better as a result of treatment, but their tooth will be able to grow and function as normal in no time at all.

Tooth Extractions

If your child’s baby teeth need a bit of assistance coming out, their pediatric dentist in Katy will likely recommend a tooth extraction. While most primary teeth come out on their own, other times, it requires the help of a skilled dentist to safely and effectively remove these teeth to allow for permanent, adult teeth to erupt through the gums. Other instances that might call for a tooth extraction include when your child’s tooth is severely damaged or decayed and cannot be saved or repaired. Although the idea of extracting a tooth sounds scary, our team will use the greatest level of care as well as sedation dentistry methods to ensure comfortability throughout the procedure.

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Metal-Free Fillings

When it comes to treating cavities, Dr. A often suggests a metal-free filling. If the cavity remains small enough that a filling will suffice in sealing off the tooth from further reinfection, he will use a tooth-colored composite resin to fill in the tooth after removed the decayed areas. This resin is matched to your child’s natural tooth color, so it will blend in and be virtually unnoticeable to others.

Dental Crowns

If a tooth is severely decayed and beyond the help of a metal-free filling, the next step is to create a customized dental crown that will be placed over their weakened tooth. Also known as “caps,” these custom-made restorations make it possible to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth while offering protection against reinfection or further damage. Dr. A will first remove the decayed portions of the tooth before filling it with a composite resin and filing it down. He will then take impressions of the tooth, which will be sent off for lab technicians to create the dental crown. Once it is ready, you and your child will return to have it cemented into place.

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