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General Anesthesia For Kids—Katy, TX

Sweet Dreams for Little Smiles

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Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry offers general anesthesia for kids, which allows many children to undergo dental procedures that they otherwise would not be able to. With this method, a sedative is administered with an IV, and the child literally sleeps through the entire treatment, waking up with no memory of it. This approach enables Dr. A to provide care in the most comfortable and safe way possible for many children, and to learn a little more about how it works and if your child would be a good candidate for it, contact us today for questions.   

Why Choose Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry for General Anesthesia?

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Why General Anesthesia May Be Recommended

Your initial thought may be, “Why would my child need general anesthesia for a dental appointment? Isn’t that too much?” In most cases, yes, the situation does not call for this level of sedation. But, for many children, it’s absolutely necessary. Dr. A may suggest general anesthesia for your child if they:

  • Need treatment that will be very extensive or lengthy
  • Require oral surgery
  • Have special needs
  • Have behavioral issues that prevent them from sitting still
  • Are extremely afraid of dental care

If you’re considering general anesthesia for your child, Dr. A will answer all of your questions and make sure your mind is at ease well ahead of the procedure.

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How to Prepare Your Child For General Anesthesia

Be sure to take the following steps if your child is going to receive general anesthesia:

  • No food or milk is allowed after midnight the evening before the procedure.
  • After midnight and up to 2 hours before the procedure, your child may only have water, Pedialyte, clear juice (no pulp), or clear sports drinks.
  • Prescribed medication can be taken up to 2 hours before the procedure.
  • If your child is taking over-the-counter pain medication, they can have it up to 3 hours before your arrival time.
  • The day before and the morning of the procedure, you should spray a nasal decongestant into each of your child’s nostrils (we recommend Afrin®).
  • Children with prescribed pulmonary inhalers or nebulizers should begin twice-a-day treatments 2 days before their procedure even if they are not symptomatic.
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothes that are easy for you to remove.
  • We recommend bringing a lightweight blanket as well as a comfort item for your child, such as a favorite toy or stuffed animal.
  • If possible, your child should be accompanied by at least 2 adults. One can drive, and the other can observe the child afterward to ensure they are breathing properly after being awakened.
  • If your child gets sick a few days before the procedure, take them to their pediatrician, and be sure to communicate with our office right afterward.

Expertise, Peace of Mind, & Flexibility

Dr. A is a board-certified pediatric dentist in Katy with nearly a decade of experience, and he partners with a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist to provide IV sedation dentistry for kids, ensuring the safety of our young patients. He is also licensed by local hospitals, so the procedure can either be performed in our office or a hospital setting depending on the needs of the patient as well as what makes everyone feel most comfortable.

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