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3 Oral Hygiene Tips to Keep Young Smiles Healthy This Summer

AdobeStock 102222023 1625663918 81510 768x512 1When it comes to summer, your kids are probably spending more time outside riding their bikes or playing in the pool than they are inside taking care of their teeth and gums. As parents, it is necessary that you be proactive and encourage your children to adopt positive oral habits from an early age. If you want their smiles to remain cavity-free during these hot summer months, especially when popsicles and ice cream seem to be more readily available, here are 3 oral hygiene tips a pediatric dentist in Katy recommends.

Keep Them Hydrated

While your child may beg and plead for a juice box or their favorite soda, it’s best to provide these in strict moderation. Full of sugar and highly acidic, these “refreshing” beverages can eat away at tooth enamel, causing cavities to form in no time at all. Instead, keep them hydrated with water. Whether they’re at the park or by the pool, keeping a cold cup or bottle nearby will allow them to replenish their energy and flush out any harmful toxins or bacteria that might try to negatively impact their oral and overall health. Not to mention, water is a great way to activate their salivary glands, which are beneficial at washing away food particles that try to adhere to the crevices of their teeth and gums.

Stock Up on Healthy Treats

If you live in a neighborhood, there’s a good chance the ice cream truck makes its daily rounds. If your child has an ear for that upbeat jingle, you’ll be dealing with a frantic little one who “needs” ice cream…again. While it’s okay to allow them a sweet treat now and then, make sure you’re stocking your refrigerator and cabinets with healthy alternatives. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, leafy greens, and lean proteins will keep their gum health in check, strengthen tooth enamel, and keep their overall health in better shape.

Stick to a Routine

This one may be the hardest of all, especially since summertime and “no school” are the perfect excuses for staying up late and sleeping in. To avoid missing opportunities to brush, floss, and rinse, make sure you and your child maintain some sort of oral hygiene routine. Allowing them to stay up a little bit later than normal is fine, but it’s absolutely necessary that they clean their teeth and gums before going to bed. The same can be said when they wake up. Before eating breakfast and starting their day, keep their mornings consistent by insisting they take care of their pearly whites and soft tissues before doing anything else.

Keeping your child’s smile free of decay and disease takes work, but if you adopt these three helpful tips, you can help your little one spend more time playing and having fun this summer.

About the Author
Dr. Adeel Khan is a board-certified pediatric dentist in Katy. Receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine and graduating Magna Cum Laude, he promises to provide his patients with accessibility, affordability, expertise, and fun appointments thanks to his animated personality. Understanding that most children would rather avoid oral hygiene routines at all costs, Dr. A and his team can provide useful tips and techniques to ensure your little one is getting the job done properly at home. Let us help you this summer! Visit our website or call (832) 789-8348 for questions or to schedule an appointment with a dentist for kids in Katy.