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Tooth Extractions – Katy, TX

Protecting Smiles by Removing Troubled Teeth

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Although losing their primary teeth is part of every child’s growth and development, we do our best to avoid removing a tooth whenever possible. We consider every option, including pulp therapy and gum disease therapy, to save your child’s natural teeth and only recommend an extraction when one is beyond salvage or could endanger other oral structures. If your child needs to have a tooth removed, you can rest assured that our team will walk you both through the process and make sure they are comfortable, during tooth extractions in Katy, TX, from beginning to end.

Why Choose Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry for Tooth Extractions?

Comfortable Dental Office for Children of All Ages

Relaxing Sedation Offered

Same-Day Emergency Care Available

Why Would a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Although typically used as a last resort, an extraction may be the best treatment option for your child’s smile in the following scenarios:

  • A baby tooth has not naturally fallen out and is preventing a permanent tooth from erupting safely.
  • Extensive damage from a dental injury or decay has left insufficient tooth structure to support a dental crown.
  • Severe decay from one tooth could spread to the teeth around it or to the jaw bone.
  • Your teen’s teeth are overcrowded and need space for orthodontic care.

As your child continues to grow and come in for checkups, Dr. A will keep an eye out for potential problems. We will do everything we can to preserve their natural smile, but if necessary, you can trust us to handle an extraction with a gentle, expert touch.

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